This Family loom was used by four generations of Connecticut women  and was donated to the Newington Historical Society by Evelyn Lester.


Our weavers will take you back to when Evelyn Lester, a child of ten, sat with her mother at this loom; a loom that had been in the family since 1822. 


Weaving demonstrations are presented at  all public events. If you would like to learn the art of weaving,  volunteers are  welcomed.









Phedelia Root  - 1822

Lavinia Root Hodge - 1853

Jennie Hodge Isleib - 1894

Evelyn Isleib Lester  - 1911

  Barn Loom Remains as a Permanent Exhibit

19th Century Barn Loom



             The Enoch Kelsey House was built by farmer and tinsmith Enoch Kelsey and his son David in 1799.  Although common in design, this center-chimney style house features rare free-hand painted wall decorations which imitate wallpaper. Historical Society members discovered the presence of four rare trompe l’oeil, or “deception” paintings on the walls of the structure slated for demolition.

 A concerted community effort resulted in the moving of the Kelsey house to its present site on Main Street.


             The Historical  Society continued its preservation activities of the rescue of the Enoch Kelsey House. Wall paintings and original paneling were completely restored by Historical Society members. Also of interest is the original beehive oven & fireplaces. The discovery in three other rooms of additional decorative wall painting, reinforced the major importance of the building as a unique example of a rare early American art form.




Rare Free Hand Wall Painted Decorations Imitating Wallpaper


Complete Restoration of Original Basement To Attic Paneling                                                            


Four Rare Trompe l’oeil, or “Deception” Wall Paintings


Original Beehive Oven and Fireplaces


Tin Ware


19th Century Barn Loom

Exhibits / Points of Interest


The Enoch Kelsey House is Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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             Enoch Kelsey House  1799

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